For truth had better deeds than words to grace it.

When you make big changes in life you trust.

You trust that through your inner wisdom that you have made the right decision.

You trust that those around you, your nearest and dearest, will love and support you through those decisions…

…and you trust in the universe, that it will hold you whole through each challenge along the way.

My transition these last months from my home in the UK via Thailand to my new home Myanmar has been… a change for sure. I’ve read so many blogs over the years about change, and constancy and “change being the only constant in life” and I’m like… yeah we all know that, that's not helpful right now…!

I had no expectations, I left London with excitement in my belly… (I’ve spent time in this beautiful country before) but, there is no denying it, this month has showed its fierce side. I’m pleased to say with all my tears (and boy have there been buckets full!), I have (in the words of Jon Bon Jovi) kept the faith!

Yangon… ‘the garden city of the east’… and then there is the stuff that smacks you straight in the face (none of which I didn’t know was already here remember)…the smells, rubbish, mould, bugs (I have sweet blood), rain …and last but by no means least…the poverty - much like London!

Then there is the stuff that is out of your control, news back home. My dearest mama being rushed into hospital, my sweet sister coping as she does so well switching into doctor mode. My guilt for not being physically there to play my part.

Then there is the ‘collective psychosis’. There is pain everywhere on this globe right now. I am lucky here in Myanmar not to be bombarded with too much English news, I can chose what I read, but when I do… there is Trump, Korea, floods, hurricanes, shootings, terror … Myanmar itself hitting the headlines…the list is endless.

And then finally (or perhaps this should have been the first thing I listed) there is the me stuff….I can’t…buy tampons or candles that smell good. I can’t buy books of interest written in the English language; download to spotify as there is no licence here; go running without falling in a hole; get my clothes to dry because it won’t stop raining; find 100% cotton sheets for my bed so I don’t sweat every night! I go days without running water in my new flat…and most importantly there is the longing in my spiritual body for you all, my community, my dearest of family and friends and my beautiful students.